BRUTE® Storm Valve

BRUTE® Storm Valve

BRUTE® Storm Valve

Our BRUTE® Storm Valve is designed to isolate drill pipe below the BRUTE®/HD Packer for disconnection during a weather emergency or surface equipment repair. Featuring a combination ball valve and J-overshot running tool, the valve can be repeatedly opened and closed allowing pressure testing of the BRUTE®/HD Packer prior to disconnection.

This valve system allows operators to close in a well that is being drilled without having to completely pull the work string. This capability is a requirement in offshore operations when storms are expected or when surface equipment must be repaired. Provided with this High-Tensile BRUTE® Valve, we have also designed and developed the High-Tensile BRUTE®/HD Packer and High-Tensile BRUTE® Bumper Sub to support the work string weight allowing easy release and retrieval operations to take place. By opening and closing the ball valve, the operator can check for pressure buildup prior to unsetting the packer.

The BRUTE® Storm Valve can circulate large volumes of drilling fluids to recondition the mud system before the packer and valve are removed and normal drilling operations resume.

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Features and Benefits

Easy operation, helps to reduce rig costs and personnel exposure time as the valve requires no rotation to function, disconnect, or reconnect

No pressure activation needed to release tool (preventing damage to the Hydril and other sealing devices)

J-overshot running/retrieval tool disconnects with a quarter-turn for fast and efficient valve placement

Valve can be repeatedly opened (tension) and closed (compression) for testing packer seal elements prior to disconnection

Rotating ball valve provides through-bore access for circulation and wireline deployment

NC-50 and 6-5/8” FH connections holds up to 1,000,000 lbs tensile

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