BRUTE® Circulating Valves

BRUTE® Circulating Valves

BRUTE® Circulating Valves

The Frank’s International BRUTE® Circulating Valves, including the BRUTE® Force and BRUTE® Unloader, are the industry’s first to be tested to ISO 14310, API 11D1, and API 19AC V3 Annex A/D standards. When paired with our BRUTE® Retrievable Service Packer, the BRUTE® Force or BRUTE® Unloader Circulating Valves form the BRUTE® Test System to provide safe and efficient negative and positive tests by serving as both a circulating and fluid bypass valve.

Features and Benefits

Incorporates maximum pressures with reversals, axial loading, and temperature cycling to ensure well integrity

Splined mandrel design available to eliminate the need for rotation during operations to increase rig time savings

Ability to perform multiple open and close cycles while unloading pressure when circulating allows for quicker valve manipulation

Ability to circulate through the bypass ports without removing set down weight above the packer allows for more reliable well integrity

Large bypass ports increase the flow rate of large volumes to optimize testing and displacement operations and provide a more debris tolerable system

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