BRUTE® Storm Valves

BRUTE® Storm Valves

BRUTE® Storm Valves

The Frank’s International BRUTE® Storm Valves are designed to isolate drill pipe above the packer without having to completely pull the work string specifically in high-tensile, high-pressure applications. The BRUTE® Storm Valves are primarily designed to provide reliable temporary abandonment solutions when assembled with the BRUTE® Retrievable Service Packer and BRUTE® Bumper Sub to form the BRUTE® Storm System.



Features and Benefits

Designed for hanging capacities up to 1,000,000 lbs to reduce overall suspension time

J-overshot running tool disconnects without the need of rotation or trapped annular pressure for quick valve placement and prevents damage to the annular seals and other sealing devices

Simple opening and closing operations allow pressure testing of the system prior to disconnecting for increased safety and reliability functionality

Through-bore access for circulation and wireline deployment allows for safe and efficient operations to commence in the event the tailpipe becomes stuck downhole

Overshot Running Tool is utilized to set and retrieve the BRUTE® Storm System and can be retrieved above the BOP/wellhead without being removed from the wellbore allowing the overshot running tool to be racked back without the need to swap overshots, reducing the operational risk of running the incorrect overshot

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