Dual String Tong

Dual String Tong

Dual String Tong

The Dual String Tong has a maximum torque (constant) of 7,500 pounds and is available in both conventional and FLUID GRIP® configurations.

Features and Benefits

Can be configured with conventional 2-die or wrap-around inserts as well as Frank’s FLUID GRIP® technology

High efficiency axial piston motor ensures consistent high torque capabilities and facilitates a hydraulic speed control that eliminates the need to shift gears

Torque monitoring provided through a hydraulic load cell or with Frank’s DATA TREK® Advantage data acquisition system

Both the conventional and FLUID GRIP® models of the Dual String Tong incorporate Frank’s patented Zero Side Load back-up technology

Ability to run dual completions one side by swallowing near coupling with DEEP-brand back-up design

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