HD Retrievable Service Packer

HD Retrievable Service Packer

HD Retrievable Service Packer

The Frank’s International HD Retrievable Service Packer is a compression set packer specifically designed for remedial applications such as zonal isolation, squeeze cementing, stimulation, temporary abandonment, and other operations where high pressure differentials are necessary.


The HD Retrievable Service Packer is ideal for applications where positive circulation below the packer is required such as in drill stem testing, negative or positive testing, liner top testing, mud conditioning and allows the operator to perform abandonment and negative test operations in a single trip.

Features and Benefits

Heavy-duty mandrel design supports high tensile capacity to hang tailpipe all within a single trip for increased cost savings when combining trips for various applications

Large internal bypass area increases running and circulation rates to save valuable rig time when tripping in the wellbore and performing fluid displacements

Compensating piston prevents bypass from opening during testing and squeezing to ensure sustained well integrity

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