HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool

The HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool is an on-bottom drilling tool, designed to reduce vibrational loads generated by drill bit dynamics. Drill string vibrations are typically the most common cause of NPT for operators and suppliers of complex MWD/LWD equipment. Extensive job history with the HI TOOL® has shown results for operators, with a direct impact on reduction of drilling costs in both domestic and international markets.

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Features and Benefits

Limits lateral and axial vibration problems in difficult formations, which reduces non-productive time (NPT)

Reduces the dynamic interaction between the bottom-hole assembly (BHA) and drill bit, through a spherical spline connection

Decouples the BHA and mud motor harmonics from the drill bit

Decouples the BHA from the drill string harmonics in severe drilling applications

Allows the drill bit to dynamically self-center

Improves productivity and milling performance

Case studies

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation tool assists in setting longest footage and highest rate of penetration in field

An operator in the Middle East sought a solution to achieve vibration mitigation and bottom hole assembly (BHA) protection while drilling a 8 ½” lateral section. They also wanted to increase the overall efficiency of the drilling operation.
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