HORSESHOE® Single Joint Elevator

HORSESHOE® Single Joint Elevator

HORSESHOE® Single Joint Elevator

The HORSESHOE® Single Joint Elevator is a pneumatic horseshoe-type elevator that aids in raising joints from the v-door. Its unique design allows the pipe to enter its bore by passing through the open end, or throat, until is contacts the trough, where it is mechanically held in place concentric to the elevator bore and perpendicular to the pipe centerline axis. A reversed procedure may also be used when laying down pipe from its vertical position, wherein the pipe catches are actuated in order to allow the elevator to be easily removed from the pipe.

Features and Benefits

Assists in a safer and more efficient handling process for single joints of pipe through less hands-on contact

Automated pipe catches are opened using remotely-operated air cylinders mounted inside the horseshoe body

Released to the closed and locked position in a similar fashion by spring force, providing a positive mechanical hold once the air is exhausted from the cylinders

Mechanical latch plate helps to secure and prevent premature opening of the pipe catches

Internal sensors indicate open or closed latch status at the control console

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