Large Bore Hydro-mechanical Bridge Plug

Large Bore Hydro-mechanical Bridge Plug

Large Bore Hydro-mechanical Bridge Plug

The Large Bore HM Bridge Plug is set using hydraulic force to set the top slips and then mechanical pull to complete the set. The versatility of the HMBP allows the equipment to be utilized for high-pressure/high-temperature well environments, single-trip negative tests applications, single-trip permanent & temporary abandonment/cementing operations, and more.

Features and Benefits

High flow capability through workstring and hydraulic sleeve during circulation or displacement

Versatile design allows for use in multiple applications adding efficiencies and cost savings to standard operations

Running tool maintains slim profile allowing for proper balanced cement plug placement versus pulling through with large drag block or drag spring designs

325 degrees Fahrenheit temperature rating standard, higher ratings available upon request

Drillable cast-iron construction

Sets in casing grades up to V-150

Anti-swab/anti-preset characteristics with 360-degree slips and angled backup design

Retaining rings prevent element extrusion

Brushes and scrapers can be easily installed using a universal threaded adapter

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