Plug Launcher

Plug Launcher

Plug Launcher

ROTATING PLUG LAUNCHER | 5 1/2” to 13 3/8”

The Rotating Plug Launcher is ideal for rotating while cementing casing from 3-1/2 in. to 14 in. Specifically designed for the shale play market, this tool combines the technology developed and refined for deepwater applications into a smaller, lighter package for use on land and shelf rigs.

Features and Benefits

High-pressure swivel facilitates rotation while cementing; widely accepted as best practice among experienced shale play operators and cementing experts

Inspection ports enable on-site visual confirmation of loaded wiper plugs

“Flow-around” cage design centralizes and minimizes differential pressure across wiper plugs

Cement isolation valve above tool isolates top drive during cementing operations

Industry-exclusive LED tattle-tale, effective in all weather conditions, provides confirmation of plug/ball/dart release from tool

Plug Launcher arrives on-site pre-loaded and tested with wiper plugs, saving rig time

Optimized time management with quick and easy tool rig-up and rig-down

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