RS-350 Long Stroke Spider

RS-350 Long Stroke Spider

RS-350 Long Stroke Spider

The RS-350™ Long Stroke Spider has a rated capacity of 350 tons, and is suitable for casing, completion tubing, or drill pipe applications.

Features and Benefits

Fits into any 37 1/2-inch rotary table without adapter rings, allowing the main body of the tool to be completely recessed into the rotary table

Cover and guides remain approximately 18 5/8 inches above the floor

Accommodates multiple control lines typically encountered in today’s high-tech completions

Easily handles large OD control umbilicals used on subsea completions

Allows for easy operation of equipment without the need for special scaffolding that is typically required with surface mount tools

Corrosion resistant tubing can be run with Frank’s slips and inserts

“Long stroke” feature allows slips to be raised higher, therefore wider opening than conventional spider bodies

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