XT-22 Power Tong with Backup

XT-22 Power Tong with Backup

XT-22 Power Tong with Backup

Expro’s designs and manufactures power tongs to meet the strict criteria of our customers. Expro’s inventories over 3,000 hydraulic power tongs in different models, sizes and torque capacities, ranging from tubing sizes up through 38-inch casing size. All Expro’s tongs are equipped to work in conjunction with the DATA-TREK® system, as well as the tong door interlock system for safety, and may be equipped with integral backups.

Features and Benefits

Local control or remote control

Hydraulic shift

Torque measurement with hydraulic load cell and/or DATA TREK® Advantage Torque Turn Monitoring System

Zero side load reaction system eliminates side load and bending during connection makeup

Can be used with Expro’s Tong Pusher Arm (TPA) with optional Remote Tong System (RTS)

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