Delivering digital automation to enhance operational safety and efficiency

iTONG™ is one of our suite of digitally intelligent well construction solutions in development as part of our strategy to adapt and adopt technologies to address the energy challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our iTONG™ rig floor automation system reduces personnel in the hazardous redzone to improve safety. It significantly cuts CO₂ emissions and costly rig time, adding up to multiple benefits for operators.

The red zone on a rig floor can be hazardous, so technology that cuts risk by removing people from the area while reducing CO₂ emissions and rig time is critical. Our iTONG digital tubular running services system does this and advances rig floor automation.

A customer needed a modern tubular running services solution that could reduce emissions, protect personnel, and save rig time.

In response, we developed the iTONG™ automated tubular running services system. iTONG™ controls, executes, verifies, and validates the make-up of casing and tubing joints, confirming they are made to a specific torque or broken out in an automated sequence using a single-push button controlled by the driller. We believe it is the industry’s most technologically advanced system of its kind.

We estimate that a rig using iTONG can reduce annual CO₂ emissions from rig time, travel, and accommodation by 146.2 tonnes a year.

146.2 tonnes
of CO₂ emissions estimated cut annually per rig using iTONG

Automating the connection make-up process can halve crew numbers and speed up operations with associated environmental benefits. We believe iTONG is the industry’s most technologically advanced system of its kind. 

Designed in partnership with a customer, iTONG can enhance operations and reduce personnel on the rig floor, reducing CO₂ while improving safety and efficiency, with lower operational costs.                

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We are proud to showcase our successful partnerships, technology developments, and strategic advances that support our clients, help our industry’s drive towards net zero, and contribute to our local communities.

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