Five-year Ugandan field contract keeps focus on location sensitivity

By providing environmentally sympathetic lower-carbon solutions, we can support energy security while contributing to local, and frontier field, development

Expro designed and engineered a solution with this specific location’s sensitivities in mind. Significant focus was given to environmental requirements and social objectives. 

A key component in Expro securing the multi-well contract was our ability to provide an innovative environmental solution in support of the client’s carbon reduction objectives. Additionally Expro’s commitment to national recruitment is in line with a local development plan, working in collaboration with our client and the Petroleum Authority of Uganda (PAU).

The Expro solution placed significant focus on the location’s sensitivity near a national park and areas of national beauty. We are providing environmentally sympathetic lower carbon operations solutions compared to current market alternatives. 

We have designed four well intervention units to deliver a single operational solution for slickline and braided line in a cased-hole environment across the life of the well.

well intervention units designed
operational solution across the life of the well

Investment has also been made in a new Expro operational facility in-country, supported by investment in people and training to help exceed local expectations.

Expro’s involvement in this project reinforces our ability to partner in frontier field developments in support of energy security.

Our solution was engineered with the specific needs of this project in mind, taking into account the environmental sensitivities and the need to support the project’s overall environmental and social objectives. It follows years of successful delivery of key projects in locations such as Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Mozambique and Egypt.

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