Our vision

Recognized for extraordinary performance, championing safety and long-standing partnerships, Expro is focused on unleashing the power of data and digital transformation as key drivers that enable our customers to make more timely and informed decisions.


Our license to work is founded upon a solid reputation for competency and dependability, an innovative and unified worldwide team whose skills are constantly evolving with the industry, deep insight into the needs and preferences of our customers and unrelenting commitment to customer service quality.

We are a visionary market influencer, capable of designing and deploying novel solutions that win the day by leveraging innovative, future-facing technology. Our solutions continuously challenge established methods of conducting operations in fresh and bold ways.

With a well-equipped, well-motivated workforce, we’re right-sized, right now to deliver a uniquely satisfying customer experience, because we are flexible and responsive whilst providing a strong, balanced services portfolio to deliver world-class service and technology as a go-to partner in our selected markets. We win business because we are the best, at not because we are the biggest.

Expro will always put the right people forward to do the right work for the right customers in the right places. But we have a duty to go far beyond this. We are a citizen of the world – addressing our own, and the industry’s effects on the planet to ensure a positive, sustainable impact. We “walk the talk” by joining industry leaders in committing to a more sustainable and lower-carbon future, working to achieve net zero CO2e emissions by 2050 and 50% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030. Honesty, transparency and accountability lie at the core of this citizenship.

This vision is what will make us visible, distinctive and highly relevant in the industry, creating value for our customers, employees and investors alike. It’s an approach that will attract new customers and enhance existing business in the years ahead. And it will ensure we can attract, retain and nurture a talented and diverse workforce to turn our growth ambitions into reality.

Products & Services

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