Quality’s role in sustainability

15th November 2021

We are a citizen of the world – addressing our own, and the industry's effects on the planet to ensure a positive, sustainable impact.

Underpinned by four elements, we are working to achieve Net Zero CO2e emissions by 2050 and a 50% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030 to help us make a difference in the future.

Portfolio Shift - Adopting and adapting the design and manufacture of our products and services.

Measure and Drive - Driving performance and efficiency improvements to achieve considered, quantified objectives and exceed industry standards. 

A Considered Supply ChainImproving supplier engagement as part of Quality Management Systems.

Achieve Together – Educating and engaging our people on the importance of environmental quality management issues


A sustainable approach to quality management and methods is one pivotal part in achieving our commitments.


We have taken steps to make quality improvements that will evaluate and improve our efficiency and service delivery processes and reduce our overall waste consumption.


By improving the quality of the design and manufacture of our products and services, we create higher performance characteristics for our customers, including a longer equipment life span and increased mean time between failures. In turn, we are lowering not only our environmental footprint but allowing our customers to meet their carbon reduction objectives.


Our Quality Management System works towards a zero defects goal with the support from our environmental management processes to eliminate excess and defective items, also reducing resource consumption and pollution.


Using Expro's quality management principles, practices, and tools in the right way, we will meet society's demands by:

  • Designing for quality and reliability to extend product lifetimes and conserve scarce resources
  • Producing responsibly to reduce irreclaimable waste
  • Making better use of products to counter climate change and help to protect our planet


Quality from end-to-end is the focus to meet the climate change demands. Today's quality is tomorrow's sustainability.

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