New Product Announcement: The BIG EASY® Composite Cement Retainer

10th July 2020

Frank’s International announces the latest addition to our service tools technology portfolio – the BIG EASY® Composite Cement Retainer. This composite drillable cement retainer is a revolutionary adaptation of high-grade composite technology designed to eliminate many of the difficulties commonly associated with drillable cement retainers such as premature setting, decreased flow rates, and long drill-out times. Our solution is a drillable cement retainer made from 96-99% composite material that improves operational performance, efficiency, and reliability.

The BCCR™ can be utilized to create zonal isolation barriers and make remedial cement placement more efficient. As a one trip/one tool solution, it eliminates the need for additional equipment and reduces customer rental inventory. The fully qualified drillable composite barrier system is suited for short term abandonment, and along with its enhanced elastomer element, is designed to withstand increased pressure testing and high circulation pressures due to restricted cement flow during squeeze cementing operations.

The BCCR™ features a large-bore design for remedial cementing, which increases pump rates and efficiencies resulting in an over 60% greater flow area when compared to traditional composite cement retainers, all while reducing the risk of erosion and the loss of seal integrity in the valve system.

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