BIG EASY® Composite Cement Retainer & Bridge Plug

BIG EASY® Composite Cement Retainer & Bridge Plug

BIG EASY® Composite Cement Retainer & Bridge Plug

The Frank’s International BIG EASY® Composite Cement Retainer uses a revolutionary adaptation of high-grade composite technology designed to eliminate the difficulties commonly associated with composite drillable cement retainers such as premature setting, decreased flow rates, and long drill out times.

The BIG EASY® is suited for short-term abandonments and squeeze cementing operations as the enhanced elastomer element is designed to withstand increased pressure testing and high circulation pressures due to restricted cement flow.

Features and Benefits

Innovative slip retention device eliminates the risk of partial setting and losing slips downhole to provide a more debris tolerant product that eliminates additional trips in the wellbore and costly drill-out operations

MULTI-Setting Tool and M-WLAKs are field convertible and compatible with the BIGEASY® and IRON-GATE™ Cast Iron Cement Retainer & Bridge Plug for a cost-effective inventory and space management solution

Large bore tool design provides more efficient pump times by increasing the flow area by over 60%

Reliable sliding valve design increases seal integrity by reducing the risk of valve erosion

Enhanced elastomer element design prevents costly and time-consuming remedial operations by increasing pressure capabilities up to 6,000 psi

Innovative composite material increases efficiency savings by enabling continuous drill out with standard PDC bit designs

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