Clean-up packages

The purpose of well testing on development wells is to clean-up and commission the well, prior to its connection to the permanent production facility.

The permanent completion is used with a temporary subsea/surface safety tree and production system. Included in the development well testing segment are DST/TCP operations, associated with completions activity such as a ‘shoot and pull’ run prior to well clean-up, fluid separation, solids management and disposal operations. Current methods for disposal in a well test or clean-up involve burners, water remediation, storage of produced fluids to a tank.

Fluids disposal

In areas where strict regulations exist regarding the disposal of liquids by burning, well tests are performed without burning oil. Gas can be flared, and produced fluids stored in a barge or in workboat tanks for transport back to a land-based disposal facility.

Our clean-up packages include:

  • Clean-up packages including surface production equipment and pre-production
  • High rate gas flow rate measurement
  • Water handling and treatment
  • Solids handling systems
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