AERO™ Reamers

Concentric and Dual Eccentric Reamers
AERO™ Reamers

AERO™ Reamers

The Frank’s International suite of AERO™ Reamers are borehole conditioning solutions that improve wellbore drift by spiraling to remove unwanted ledges and help casing and liner strings reach total depth more efficiently. AERO™ Concentric and Dual Eccentric Reamers create a smooth torque response that optimizes drilling steerability and wellbore stability to improve casing running operations, cementing clearance, drilling efficiency, and overall hole integrity.

AERO™ Reamers are suitable for reaming-while-drilling operations that reduce or eliminate short trips, backreaming, dedicated cleanout runs, and associated non-productive time and spend.

Features and Benefits

Improved design without active OD gauge cutters to minimize induced vibration from reaming activities and allow drill-out without costly casing string damage

Passive cutters limit reaming vibrations laterally to eliminate negative impact to directional drilling controls and improve overall drilling efficiency

High junk slot area enhances fluid dynamics and hole cleaning effectiveness to improve overall well integrity

Conventional sub-based stabilizing design allows for unrestricted tool placement in drill string to prevent wear to costly BHA components

Stainless steel and non-magnetic material composition allow the tools to run in a wide range of BHA operations for increased operational flexibility

Impact arrestors provide stabilization to axial and lateral modes of vibration to mitigate shock loading and allow increased torque control

Tungsten carbide inserts and PDC cutters ensure efficient reaming with minimal wear in harsh drilling environments

Dual eccentric reamer features two separate reamer blade bodies to ensure consistent hole condition and OD

Eccentric blade design cuts wellbore diameter greater than passthrough diameter to eliminate the use of expensive underreamers

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