CENTRI-FI™ Consolidated Control Console

CENTRI-FI™ Consolidated Control Console

CENTRI-FI™ Consolidated Control Console

The CENTRI-FI™ Consolidated Control Console provides hands-off control for a single operator on multiple tools, with a tablet interface that allows operator mobility and provides visibility of equipment status to drillers and supervisors.

Features and Benefits

Rig control connectivity and anti-collision systems (or ZMS) available

Dynamic equipment interlocks depending on tools selected to operate

Tubular exchange interlocks involving the auxiliary elevator require driller input before pipe can be released (can be enabled or disabled depending on application)

Bypass modes can be configured for rig-up and rig-down only and on a single-use basis

NEC Class 1 Division 1 compliant

Provides control functions for the following standard tools:

Hydraulic Spider/Elevator

Pneumatic Spider/Elevator

Automated Single Joint Elevator

Clamp Type Elevator (CTE™)

Remote Tong System (RTS/RTS-X)

FLUID GRIP® Remote Tong System

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