Clamp-On Single Joint Manipulator

Clamp-On Single Joint Manipulator

Clamp-On Single Joint Manipulator

Frank’s International’s Clamp-on Single Joint Manipulator provides an attachment point for a single joint elevator by lengthening the drilling bails past the lower portion of the casing running tool (CRT).

Features and Benefits

Improves pipe running productivity by as much as 60 percent when used in conjunction with Frank’s International’s HORSESHOE® single joint elevator

Prevents delays from attaching a single joint elevator (SJE) to long bails by avoiding the necessity to first rig-down the short drilling bails

Enables attachment of an SJE with short bails in place which would otherwise be impossible due to the lower portion of the CRT extending below the lower eyes of the bails

Eradicates the need to rig-down short bails and rig-up long bails for running casing due to its ability to attach directly to drilling bails

Improves safety by eliminating the need to swap different bail lengths

Eliminates inefficiencies and safety risks of mechanical CRTs lacking pipe-pickup mechanisms when retrieving single joints of pipe from the rig V-door by virtue of bails, slings, and link-tilt

Enables the retrieval of single joints of pipe without manual handling of the single joint elevator by coupling to the rig’s link-tilt system and improving the reach to the V-door

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