Composite Cement Retainer

Composite Cement Retainer

Composite Cement Retainer

The Composite Cement Retainer is a nonmetallic high-quality tool used primarily for cement squeezes. It has multiple uses, including primary and remedial cementing, well control, and temporary abandonment, thereby eliminating storage requirements if separate tools were required for each operation.


The composite retainer exhibits dramatically decreased removal times compared to standard cast iron retainers, resulting in longer bit life and decreased casing wear due to removal. This is achieved by the nonmetallic composition of the retainer, which provides faster drillability without sacrificing performance. The high-tech materials that make up the components of the composite retainer resist corrosion, are lightweight, and ensure a longer life in high-temperature wells. No adhesives are used to connect its components during construction.


The composite retainer easily converts to a bridge plug. The mating surfaces at the top and bottom of the plug rotationally lock drilled-out remnants, decreasing drillout time. Designed for use at temperatures up to 350 degrees F, and differential pressures up to 7,500 psi, the composite retainer has minimal ferrous metal content, which allows for easy and quick drillout using a PDC bit.

Features and Benefits

Can be drilled out with PDC, conventional tricone, or junk-mill bits

Consists of composites and a packer set with only minimal ferrous metal content

Unique slip design (tested and field-proven in Q-125 casing)

— Combines reliable casing bite characteristics with quick drillability

Packing elements

— Maintain integrity without the need for adding cement above the plug

— Provide complete isolation and high drilling performance

Design reduces drillout time, resulting in shorter rig times and less likelihood of casing damage

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