HI TOOL® Data Logger

HI TOOL® Data Logger

HI TOOL® Data Logger

The Data Logger is a downhole drilling dynamics sensor package specifically tailored for the HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool. It consists of two sensors positioned above and below the deflection point of the HI TOOL®, allowing for dynamics data to be recorded throughout drilling operations, illustrating the effectiveness of shock absorption and vibration decoupling.

Other applications include:

  • Additional data acquisition for more effective downhole decision-making
  • Modeling drill string vibration modes

Features and Benefits

Accentuates capabilities of already proven HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool

Simple design provides easy sensor removal and facilitates data downloads at well site

Directional attitude measurements can be used to quantify downhole tool deflection

Custom configuration ensures alignment with specific well details and data targets

Options available for data collection via dedicated carrier sub

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