Hydraulic Distribution Module

Hydraulic Distribution Module

Hydraulic Distribution Module

The Hydraulic Distribution Module (HDM) is designed to supply hydraulic power from a closed-center rig hydraulic system to a suite of up to four pieces of equipment.

Features and Benefits

Four pairs of hydraulic outlet supplies

Adjustable hydraulic outlet pressure 200-3000 pounds per square inch

Adjustable hydraulic outlet flow from 0.2 – 50 gallons per minute

Two of the hydraulic supplies maintain constant pressure (suitable for FMS, FA-1®, and other hydraulic consoles)

Two of the supplies are piloted-on, intended for either local control or remote control tong systems. Hydraulic power is switched on and off using remote foot pedals

Four pneumatic outlets filtered, lubricated, and regulated to 100 psi

Four case-drains

Return line filtration to 10 microns (sufficient to maintain NAS 6 cleanliness)

ESD to shut-off all hydraulic outputs, and can be equipped with remote ESD option

High Backpressure Automatic Shutdown circuit triggers ESD when return line is restricted or blocked

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