Torque Activated Wedge Grip (TAWG® Tool)

Torque Activated Wedge Grip (TAWG® Tool)

Torque Activated Wedge Grip (TAWG® Tool)

The TAWG® Tool combines the functions of a power tong, fill-up tool, and elevator into one complete package.

Features and Benefits

Enhances rig floor safety and efficiency by eliminating the need for a power tong, hydraulic power unit, and umbilical hoses

Requires a minimal number of personnel to run the casing string when combined with Expro’s rotary spiders

Fill-up provisions are integral to the tool

Includes ability to rotate, circulate and reciprocate pipe through tight spots in the well bore and improve the cementation process

Has a high capacity for set down load capacity

Fast, safe and easy rig-up and removal

In standard configuration, the tool is capable of casing while drilling (CwD) operations

TAWG® is a registered trademark of Noetic Technologies Inc. The TAWG® trademark and all variations of the TAWG trademark are used under license.

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