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The world needs energy sources that contribute to global energy security while also tackling carbon emissions and climate change. We understand more than most the crucial role geothermal can play in the energy trilemma.

Geothermal provides a low-carbon form of energy, similar to solar and wind, but unlike its renewable alternatives, it does not suffer from variability issues.

The geothermal industry is a perfect fit for Expro, allowing us to transfer our skills and engineering problem-solving capabilities to help drive the transition.

Today, Expro’s wells expertise and range of well construction, intervention, integrity, and flow measurement technologies are providing sustainable energy solutions to the global geothermal market.  Our partnerships have expanded beyond oil and gas, and we are demonstrating the value that we can bring to the emerging new energy segments, such as geothermal, where we are positioned to be your strategic partner of choice.

With a trusted combination of expertise and technical knowledge, we help you deliver safe, reliable, and sustainable geothermal operations, driving cost efficiencies with unique solutions, with integrity.

Our energy services expertise will prioritise your performance and assure the integrity of your geothermal operations. By deploying our engineering know-how, we can eliminate downtime, reduce operational expenditure, and risk, and deliver on our shared environmental commitments.

We are no stranger to geothermal. Expro teams have been active in the geothermal business since 1986 and, through a continued focus on expanding our capabilities, now offer a fully integrated service to customers, delivering the sustainable energy solutions that this vital sector demands.

Let us be your strategic partner to unlock new sources of cleaner, low-carbon energy, helping you to achieve your ambitions for tomorrow, today.


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