A deeper insight into the operation: Martin’s story

15th July 2021

A deeper insight into the operation: Martin’s story


Martin describes his move to the well services team as 'daunting but a positive step forward.' Across his 19 years with the company, he has held numerous roles in slickline from trainee through to supervisor level.


'Working as slickline supervisor you experience all disciplines of well services and gain a good appreciation of these, which I feel gave me a good grounding for becoming a well services supervisor.’

Now as a well services supervisor, he is essential to well intervention operations, which he describes as 'vital to ensure well integrity is not compromised to keep wells online, increase production, and help installations achieve their production goals, safely and efficiently.'


Going beyond what is expected is important to Martin. He makes sure he is well equipped ahead of starting any position by 'engaging with the relevant supervisors from the varied well services disciplines. I gain a deeper insight into how their operation and equipment works. This is not only for my benefit but my client's benefit. I need to have a full understanding so I can liaise with onshore and be able to make informed decisions with or without support when required.'  

Martin doesn't stand still on projects. It's his duty to go beyond supervising his client's projects. Thinking about the industry, Martin feels 'well services and intervention work is changing all the time with new ideas, techniques, and technology coming into the market. It is good to see these, learn from them, and develop an understanding as I am sure there will be plenty more to come in the future.'

By applying our solutions driven approach, Martin has shown tangible benefits to his clients.


 'I was involved in a coiled tubing campaign which was a real test and a first for me, but the campaign went well. The operations had a high focus from onshore, high POB (personnel on board) with various logistical and operational challenges, which I overcame.'

Recently Martin's projects have not only been a first for him, but the industry. He has used his vast knowledge and experience to overcome new challenges and new types of projects. Describing a successful project, he detailed 'we recovered and changed out a capillary Wireline Retrievable Subsurface Safety Valve (WRSSV) system which was the first time anyone had recovered this type of system in Europe.'


Working to do more than merely supervise a project for his clients clearly means a lot to Martin, he becomes part of the integrated team.


 'I enjoy my job, and I get great satisfaction when an operation is completed above all safely, with all objectives being achieved for the client, but also efficiently regarding time and cost.

‘Working with the crews and to build a good culture is important to me, I believe a happy team is more safe, efficient and productive.  

‘As a service company, this is what we strive for in all operations. I'm proud to work for Expro. I look forward to being here for a long time to come.'


At Expro, we are proud to always put the right people forward to do the right work for the right customers in the right places. Learn more about how we can help you.

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