Expro behaviours champion: Communicate effectively

1st May 2015

Expro behaviours champion: Communicate effectively

Expro regularly recognises employees that display one of the company’s seven core behaviours as part of their daily activities in their role.

Communicate effectively: Effective communication is key. We share information and respect everyone we work with.

Name: Lindsey Plank
Job title: North America Marketing Manager
Base: Houston, Texas

Interaction between departments and clients is an essential part of Lindsey’s daily duties in her role as North America Marketing Manager. Contending with a hectic daily schedule, Lindsey often interacts with a variety of internal and external clients, all desiring her immediate attention.

Lindsey said: “In my job, communicating in a timely and professional manner with everyone I come into contact with is key. Open communication ensures that tasks are prioritised to meet required deadlines and you can take pride in delivering results.”

Lindsey’s job involves representing Expro in a positive manner, while constantly evaluating the company’s marketing needs whether that be planning advertising campaigns, organising global trade shows or working to raise the profile of new technology.

She continues: “Keeping the North America team informed can be a challenging task as I serve the land, offshore, manufacturing and global marketing needs. I find that approaching new contacts in the company with a warm smile and finding a middle ground in our objectives encourages a team approach.”

Mark Enget, North America Vice President, commented: “I know I speak for all of the team when I say there is a profound appreciation for Lindsey and the support she provides to the region. Her cheerful demeanour, strong work ethic, and helpful spirit are impossible to ignore. I’m grateful to have her spearheading our marketing endeavours. “

Keep an eye out for our next behaviours champion, which will focus on ‘Deliver quality’.

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