Expro behaviours champion: Partner customers

21st April 2016

Expro regularly recognises employees that display one of the company’s seven core behaviours as part of their daily activities in their role.

Partner customers: We build and sustain high value partnerships with our customers and colleagues
Name: Lynn Boyce
Job Title: Client Account Manager, Europe CIS
Base: Aberdeen, UK

Lynn’s role involves a number of business development activities including meeting with clients to discuss ongoing work, looking for new opportunities for Expro’s products and services, producing tenders and proposals, as well as conducting ‘lunch and learn’ presentations.

Joining the company 10+ years ago, Lynn previously worked in the Marketing & Communications department before moving to a business development role in 2012.

She comments: “When working with clients, it’s important to stay in constant communication to ensure all work is going to plan and gain feedback and important information on contracts. In the oil and gas industry, we are often faced with challenging operations but it’s important to maintain a positive outlook and work with client teams together to find a solution.”

Terry Charleton, a colleague of Lynn’s, added: “She always does her best for Expro and our clients, and is very proactive in her approach. In one example, after developing a positive relationship with a new client, Lynn knew exactly what was required when they came to tender for a project and consequently we won the work.”

In the Voice of the Customer survey, Lynn has been highlighted by clients personally for her customer relations skills, and also recently received an Expro Excel award.

Terry continues: “Her outgoing personality builds rapport with colleagues and clients. She is assertive without being ‘pushy’ and cross-sells Expro’s products and services when appropriate ensuring efficient solutions are provided for client problems.”

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