International Women in Engineering Day 2024 - Nurbaiti Baharuddin

20th June 2024

Name: Nurbaiti Baharuddin 
Location: Kuala Lumpur Malaysia,
Job Title: Business Development Manager

Tell us about your background?
I graduated from the National University of Malaysia with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I started my career in 2009 as a Field Engineer at SLB, where I was assigned to various locations including Angola, Turkmenistan, Qatar, Australia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Initially working as a Sampling Engineer, I later transitioned to an office role as a Sales Engineer. In 2017, I joined Expro as a Technical Sales Manager.

What does your job involve?
My current role is Business Development Manager, where I am involved in tendering, managing customer relationships, and seeking opportunities to grow Expro business in Malaysia.

What do you enjoy most about your current role?
I love my job as a Salesperson because I relish meeting new customers, securing contracts, and fostering business growth. I thrive on challenging myself to sell and mastering new product lines. The ultimate satisfaction comes from winning contracts, coordinating with operations for seamless execution, and delivering successful outcomes. Ensuring client satisfaction is paramount in my role as a Business Development Manager.

What’s the best piece of advice you have either given or received?
The best piece of advice I've been given is to always remain curious and never stop learning. Staying curious drives continuous improvement and innovation. The best piece of advice I would give is to embrace failure as a learning opportunity. Failure isn't the end, but rather a step towards success. Learn from it, grow, and keep moving forward.

The advice I would give myself at the start of my career is to network and build relationships early. Success is often about who you know and the connections you make. Also, prioritize work-life balance to avoid burnout and ensure long-term productivity and happiness.

What’s been your biggest career challenge so far?
One of the biggest career challenges for women in engineering is overcoming implicit bias and stereotypes. This can manifest as being underestimated, having to prove competence repeatedly, or encountering skepticism regarding technical abilities. It often requires additional effort to gain the same level of respect and recognition as male counterparts.

I faced a challenging work-life balance situation when I had to go offshore shortly after delivering my first baby. It was very tough as I was still breastfeeding, requiring me to be mentally strong and manage both my feelings and work. After a few hitches, I decided to work towards a promotion and was eventually promoted to Sales Engineer, based in the office. Although this role still required travel, I was able to balance my time more effectively.

Strategies that helped me overcome these challenges included effective time management, setting clear boundaries, and advocating for flexible work arrangements. Support from managers and understanding colleagues also played a crucial role in managing this balance.

Who or what inspires you?
I am inspired by the successful women leaders in our customer organization. Their leadership and achievements in a traditionally male-dominated industry demonstrate resilience, expertise, and the potential for women to excel in engineering and leadership roles. Their success motivates me to strive for excellence in my own career.

What keeps you motivated?
What keeps me motivated is that Expro, recognizes my value and appreciates my contributions. Additionally, I am given the opportunity to develop my team and grow the business in Malaysia. This support and acknowledgment drive me to excel and continuously improve.

What would you say to someone considering a career in engineering?
Entering the engineering world in oil and gas industry can be both challenging and rewarding. It offers a dynamic environment with opportunities for innovation, leadership, and significant impact on global energy solutions. Despite the traditional male dominance in this field, there is a growing recognition of the value that diverse perspectives bring to the industry.

Believe in your abilities and don’t hesitate to pursue roles that interest you. Seek out mentors and allies who can support your growth and provide guidance. Companies are increasingly acknowledging the contributions of women and providing opportunities for career advancement. Your presence and contributions are vital in shaping a more inclusive and innovative industry. Stay resilient, be confident in your skills, and know that your work can lead to meaningful advancements in the industry.

What do you do outside of work?
I have a passion for sports, particularly netball, which I represented Malaysia in during high school. Currently, golf has captured my interest, and it's not just a hobby but also a part of my work as I play golf with my customers. I'm enthusiastic about sharing this passion with my children, so we make it a point to play golf together every weekend. I see it as an opportunity for us to spend quality time together while also hoping to improve our golf skills over time.

Best moment so far in your Expro career?
The best moment in my Expro career was when my team and I secure a major contract with a key client. It was a culmination of months of hard work, strategic planning, and collaboration across different product lines. The moment we received confirmation of winning the contract was incredibly rewarding and reaffirmed the value of our efforts. It not only boosted morale within the team but also demonstrated our capability to deliver results and contribute to the company's growth.

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