International Women’s Day: Dolores Sarical

8th March 2019

Today we welcome Dolores Sarical, our Technical Sales Manager for Fluids. Dolores has been with us for seven years, and manages our fluids market position in Asia.

Starting her career in oil and gas an Openhole Reservoir Evaluation Wireline engineer based in Arkansas, USA, Dolores has spent time working in many parts of the world including India, Middle East, Asia and Australasia, and says some of her fondest memories are from the field in the middle of the desert in Oman and offshore Libya.


What advice would you have given your younger self?

I am happy where I am, so I think my younger me has done well. Maybe take care of your skin better and use sunscreen!

Career wise, I had job offers I declined that would have probably landed me in a better position but it would mean having personal sacrifices. I am happy where I am with life and I have no regrets. I live my life happily, and forward-looking.

What advice do you have for young women looking to get into your field/oil and gas industry?

Oil and gas nowadays is perceived as an old source of energy, dirty and probably old technology. Oil and gas is still major source of energy. It is not going away. With this current perception, it means that there is need for research and development to make it cleaner and more efficient, it is still an interesting field of work.

This though job is not for everyone. It is a big industry but you still can expect to get dirty, travel a lot and work in remote locations. You should be driven and self-reliant. Be able to plan, prepare, execute the job, fix equipment, manage the job and manage the client by yourself. A career in oil and gas might not be enticing for all, but for me it has been exciting, fulfilling and worth the journey.  

Our industry has typically been dominated by men. Have you faced any challenges coming into the industry and how did you overcome them?

I started my career when there were very few women in oil and gas. I was usually the only woman at the rig site and meetings but it did not really bother me. I have four brothers and studied engineering which was mostly male students, so I am used to being surrounded by men.

My main challenge is the same as any other women in the workplace; balancing family and work. My mother raised seven kids while having a full time job. I only have one child so it should be an easy feat!

Why is International Women’s Day important to you?

Firstly, because it is my birthday! Secondly, because it is the day to recognize women’s achievements and contribution to the world. Women’s role in society has been changing and women are becoming more visible. I also want to see the world where women and men are equal.

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