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31st August 2020

None of us could have predicted the challenges we have faced over the last few months, both personally and as Expro. We are in an industry that is looking forward, an energy industry that’s changing for good. We have a clear strategy and direction and are very much part of that change.

Our customers and our markets are evolving. And we are listening and responding. For clients working across the entire well lifecycle, Expro is the well flow optimisation expert. Combining innovative disruptive technology with high quality data across well flow management, subsea well access, well intervention and production solutions, delivering a service that’s not just state of the art but highly accurate. And highly relevant to a changed commodity market.

There is no denying that the current market is challenging however we are well positioned. Our multi-year, progressive rebalancing of our portfolio enhances through-cycle resiliency and our financial outlook is strong.  We look forward with conviction and optimism.

We’re open, transparent and honest, allowing us to have a shared mutual confidence and understanding with clients, giving you flexible and creative answers to problems. We are a business that thinks ahead. We’re bold. And we’re direct. It’s this way of working that helps you address the critical energy challenges of today, and engineer the answers of tomorrow.

With a well equipped, well motivated workforce, we will continue to be recognised for safety, extraordinary performance and long-standing partnerships. Expro will shape, position and strive ahead as a forward-thinking brand, confident and clear about what it does and doesn’t do. To this end, we shall continually create a customer experience that is unique, constructive and progressive by always being forthright and determined.

Our brave and definitive way of working, shall help demonstrate what makes us visible, distinctive and highly relevant in the industry, using our quick thinking and straight talking approach to create value for our customers, employees and investors alike.

Our determined commitment to product portfolio enhancement, increasing sophistication in technology and the application of resources and IP development will ensure that Expro goes beyond merely meeting customer needs, but addressing our impact on the future. We will focus on developing initiatives to both harness the power of data within our business practices and also increase our relevance and commitment to creating a lower carbon future. 

We’re confident this approach, bolstered by a discerning focus, will attract business from new markets and enhance existing business in the years ahead. This will also attract and retain talent and we will ensure it is always nurtured to obtain the right answers for our clients.

We will move forward, continuously ensuring everything we do is delivered by a diverse, unified team, whose skills are constantly evolving with the industry. In short, Expro will always put the right people forward to do the right work for the right customers in the right places, assuring our place in the industry.

We must engineer a future that allows us to deliver today and plan for tomorrow. And it’s our people who will do just that. 

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