Two decades of well flow expertise: Shaun’s story

28th July 2021

Shaun describes how his time in the energy industry influences his work today, sharing that 'throughout my time at Expro, I've supported many clients while working on a primarily ad-hoc basis. It allows me to be flexible with the cyclical demands of the industry and client requirements.’

Shaun first joined Expro in July 2002 and has played his part in exciting and historical projects, which he describes as a 'testament to the professional attitude and work ethic of Expro people. It is thanks to our positive approach that high profile clients place their trust in Expro to manage and execute their operations safely.'

Although the majority of Shaun's work is UK based, his vast range of project experience provided opportunities to perform operations in other areas of the world. Two that stand out are 'a wireline perforating campaign across several unmanned installations off the coast of Thailand and a re-completion on an island off the coast of the Netherlands'.


‘In the Netherlands, the operation took place on an onshore facility behind a man-made dune on the beach.

All equipment and personnel had to be mobilized at a certain time of year as the island is a tourist attraction during the summer months.

The equipment was transported along the sand a few yards from the sea as this was the only means of access to the site. It was quite a picture seeing a full Coiled Tubing suite being trucked along the beach!'


His time within the industry allowed him to gain a deeper depth of knowledge to support Expro's clients today. 


'I've spent my days (and nights!) supporting a significant amount of front line operations on various offshore and onshore installations. These included completions, workovers, coiled tubing, wireline, well testing, wellhead maintenance, stimulation, production operations, abandonment projects, and subsea interventions.’


However, Shaun's expert knowledge and know-how doesn't stop at operational projects. He's held various onshore support roles at client facilities, adding that his responsibilities covered 'managing the planning, budget, logistics, HSE and personnel requirements, work programs, and the execution and close-out of an entire operation.’

Becoming part of the well services team means Shaun's remit focuses on safe, successful planning and execution of client operations and overall client satisfaction. For Shaun, his work is not just a role or title. It's a challenge he's excited to solve.

'I thrive on the diversity of the operations and locations involved. I enjoy the attention to detail required and thoroughly believe it has given me a greater understanding of my role and the significant responsibility that goes with it.'

My strength in building relationships, has proven beneficial over the years, especially when there is a limited timescale in which to liaise with teams and other departments.'


Shaun won't merely supervise your well services. He'll draw out the right answers to go beyond meeting your needs to provide flexible and creative answers to problems.

At Expro, we are proud to always put the right people forward to do the right work for the right customers in the right places. Learn more about how we can help you.

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