What has been your biggest inspiration in your career in oil and gas?

11th September 2015

Steven Fowler, Associate Engineer:

I recently joined Expro as an Associate Engineer after graduating from the University of Strathclyde with a Masters in Aero-Mechanical Engineering with Distinction.

Engineering is a thriving sector with lots of exciting opportunities. The sector’s current focus is on pushing the boundaries of technology whilst reducing the world’s carbon footprint. This is something I felt I wanted to be a part of.

With the worldwide demand for oil-based products still rising, the oil and gas industry faces many new challenges to meet consumer demands. Designing and adapting tools to cope with the requirements of deepwater reservoirs in high pressure/high temperature environments excites me as this will require innovative and skilled engineers.

My immediate goals are to excel in the Graduate Development Programme (GDP) at Expro and achieve Chartership thereafter. Longer term, I hope to move into a management position with a view to leading my own team in whatever new challenges are facing the industry at the time. Having spent the last two summers with Expro and having started the GDP, I feel there is a great amount of support and learning opportunities within the company to achieve my career goals.

The partnership formed between Expro and the University of Strathclyde through the scholarship programme demonstrated to me that Expro were committed to investing in graduates. The scholarship programme provides a clear and well-structured path to Chartership status which coincided with my short term career goals.

My experience as a summer student in Expro definitely enhanced my odds of securing a full time job after graduating. My advice to any current engineering students is to try and gather as much relevant work experience as it not only furthers your learning but lets you get a feel for the industry you are working in and whether it’s right for you.

Despite the recent dip in oil price, there have been a crop of new engineering graduates recruited to oil and gas this year. Although cuts have to be made, I believe the industry still values the need for new talent in engineering graduates and inspiring a new generation to work in oil and gas. The opportunities, certainly within Expro, are brilliant for graduates through learning from senior engineers and working with people from different cultures.

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