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We delivered a custom solution in a controlled environment to support the testing of new geothermal technologies – helping to maximize the value of future geothermal wells

A prominent consortium was working with major industry players to test a closed-loop Advanced Geothermal System (AGS) in an indoor facility at the Oklahoma Energy Innovation Center.

We were asked to support the test by devising a novel solution to enable tubular running services (TRS) operations inside the facility, including casing strings with up to 15 copper wires running along the outside.

Copper wires

The main challenge was to run heaters and copper wiring up to the 9 5/8” casing. We engineered a minimal footprint, custom track, and tong hanger solution to secure the hydraulic power tong to the tubulars without an overhead lifting device. This greatly enhanced safety and efficiency and allowed the careful make up of the casing before installation.

The custom setup and safe handling ensured the casing and other equipment were safely installed. This enabled the successful monitoring of the completed AGS test well.

The results from this project will support the testing of new geothermal technologies and help future pilot projects to maximize the value of geothermal wells.

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