Bringing light to The Orang Asli

Building on the success of last year’s activities we have extended this solar power project across two more indigenous villages – providing access to free and clean energy

The installed solar systems improve the financial and social quality of life by both increasing monthly financial savings while extending daily productive time by up to four hours each day.

Building on success from last year’s solar panel project, the team in Malaysia have continued to support the indigenous community, collaborating with Ranhill Worley to carry out similar projects across two more villages which supported 50 homes and 225 family members.

family members

Working with SOLS 24/7 in 2022, the team worked to install solar panel systems in 23 homes in the state of Negeri Sembilan. These installations improved the quality of life of the families both financially and socially by increasing their monthly financial savings and extending daily productive time by up to four hours each a day. 

The solar panels provide access to a free and healthy clean energy source to the community. A year after the installation in November 2022, each household had made savings of MYR 300 per month, which is an enormous saving.

Saving per month

We at SOLS 24/7 very appreciate the commitment made by Expro to be with us on improving and supporting the B40 Malaysia community to gain access to green energy and for them to improve their productivity. This is just a beginning, we are looking for their better future in life and education.

SOLS 24/7 commented on the 2022 project

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