Supporting one of the world’s largest CCS projects

Since its inception, and through the height of the global Covid pandemic, Expro has supported this LNG project in Australia

A landmark project demonstrating carbon capture and storage (CCS) can be delivered at the scales needed to achieve the gigatons of sequestered CO₂ pivotal in meeting worldwide net zero pledges.

Expro has been involved with one of the world’s largest LNG projects and single resource projects in Australia since its inception. The project permanently stores more CO2 than any other single operation globally. This landmark project demonstrates that carbon capture and storage (CCS) can be delivered at scale, which is needed to achieve the gigatons volumes of CO2 that need to be sequestered to meet net zero by 2050 pledges.

Expro initially delivered well testing and fluid analysis services for the exploration and development of two natural gas fields, offshore northwest Australia.

been operational since
man-hours spent on the project

Both systems have been operational since 2021 and to date over 40,000 man-hours have been spent on this project with no HSE events or non-productive time. Our flexible and adaptable approach enabled the customer to reinject produced fluids at higher rates, which in turn, increased the rate of CO2 injection into the target reservoir. As a result, the overall CCS system was greatly improved.

Within six months, Expro designed, constructed and mobilized the first solids removal package, commencing operations in March 2021. The second package was operational only two months later, with both systems fully operational during the height of the global Covid pandemic. 

Designed, constructed and mobilized in
2nd package operational
months later

Like all pioneering projects, challenges were encountered. Associated CO2 is produced with the natural gas and separated at an onshore plant then transported by pipelines to several drill centers. The CO2 is injected into a deep saline aquifer that is geologically constrained. As a result, a pressure management system consisting of water producers from the injection zone and water injectors into a separate above zone aquifer are required to allow the CO2 to be safely and securely stored. The challenge was the unexpected production of solids, which when reinjected into the above zone formation, inhibited the permeability of the reservoir and impacted the performance of the carbon storage system.

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We are proud to showcase some of our successful partnerships, technological developments and strategic advances that are supporting our clients and our industry's drive towards net zero as well as contributing to our local communities.

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