First steam produced at the hottest thermal resource in Germany

Our customized geothermal well test evaluation package has enabled our customer to evaluate their geothermal resource as the hottest in Germany

Our well testing and data acquisition experience is readily applicable to supporting the growth of the Geothermal market.

Deutsche ErdWärme (DEW) is Germany’s largest private developer and operator of geothermal plants. Driven by energy security demand and the need to decarbonize to lower carbon fuels.

In 2022, Expro was awarded a multiservices contract for Deutsche Erdwärme’s Graben-Neudorf geothermal project near Karlsruhe, Germany. Detailed appraisal well testing can provide significant benefits for the de-risking and development of geothermal projects. The expected high fluid temperatures in conjunction with high flow rates anticipated from the resource meant that standard well testing equipment could not be utilized, and a bespoke project solution would be required.

Applying our five decades of experience in well flow management and data interpretation capabilities and expertise, a customized and fit-for-purpose well test solution was designed, manufactured and delivered to the geothermal site.

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Expro delivered a customized, project-specific solution for high-rate mid-enthalpy well testing, effectively managing surface pressures, temperatures, and fluids with a focus on safety and efficiency.

The package was capable of efficiently handling flowing tubing head temperatures of 220°C (428°F) and water-steam fluid flow rates of up to 120kg/s (equivalent to 65,000bbls/d).

Temperatures of
Fluid flow rates of up to

The package consisted of a modular Geothermal Muffler, built specifically for the project, and designed to promote efficient bulk separation of the steam and liquid phases which was augmented with a remotely actuated Flow Control Valve to reduce personnel exposure risks and regulate flow to better optimize assisted gas lift efficiency and unloading of the well.

Real-time data gathering and transmission of critical reservoir characterization data allowed our customer to make immediate data-driven decisions to better optimize operations and maximize resource potential. The datasets collected during the operations will provide vital data on the geothermal well’s productivity and potential and be used for optimization of long-term plant design. 

Our experience in well testing and data acquisition, which has evolved from 50 years of supporting operations in the North Sea, is readily applicable to supporting the emerging Geothermal market. This opens new opportunities for us and supports the growth of this environmentally important sector.

Ingrid Huldal

Directory of Sustainable Energy Solutions, Expro

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