Our fast-track production facilities support secure energy supplies

A 10-year contract in Congo is expected to support the local and European energy market and help power a low-carbon future

By increasing LNG production within the region we are building secure energy supplies for Europe while also providing a value boost to local businesses and the surrounding communities.

Following on from last year’s report we are nearing the end of the delivery phase on a long-term Production Solutions contract with a major client on a liquefied natural gas (LNG) pre-treatment facility in Congo.

Enabling our customers to access reserves is one of Expro’s core strengths. 

On this project Expro is responsible for the design, construction, civil works, freight, import and installation of a fast-track onshore LNG pre-treatment facility (OPT), part of the Marine XII development offshore Congo. The facility was designed and has been built on a fast track basis and is currently being installed close to the Litchendjili gas plant – which supplies gas to the adjacent Centrale Electrique du Congo (CEC) Pointe-Noire Power Plant – and is expected to enable a significant increase in the production of LNG from the West Africa area; thereby assisting in fulfilling the global demands for LNG to support secure energy supplies.

The facility is designed to process approximately 90 million cubic feet of gas a day.

cubic feet of gas a day

The installation of the facility is nearing completion with all the long lead process systems and compression facilities landed in country. Expro has prioritized leveraging our own experienced personnel from West African operations, but our primary focus remains on tapping into the expertise of local personnel in Congo.

We are delighted to be able to extend our long-standing partnership with our client while expanding our activities in West Africa through this strategically important contract. Our expertise in designing, engineering, building, installing, operating, and maintaining modular production plants, from the simple to the complex, on a fast-track basis is a recognized market differentiator for Expro and will further strengthen our presence both in Africa and in the global energy market. 

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