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Metering Experts

Metering Experts

Comprehensive range of metering solutions fully supported by in-house expertise

Expro has an extensive portfolio of metering solutions which provides portable production surveillance and permanent flow monitoring on assets; from wellheads to export lines.

These are tailored to customer challenges and the asset lifecycle, ranging from exploration and characterization of reservoirs through production and late life surveillance.

Our tool kit ranges from non-intrusive Clamp-on SONAR Meters through inline Wet Gas and Multiphase Flow Meters; this enables us to provide well performance and production allocation data for oil and gas condensate reservoirs as well as CO2 flow measurements for carbon capture projects.

Acumen covers the entire multiphase flow spectrum coupled with expertise in reservoir fluid properties measurement and production systems gives Expro an unrivalled ability to solve operator’s production challenges.

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Case studies

Compact and mobile MPFM Test Package provides data to customer in challenging conditions

Expro provided a compact MPFM testing skid along with Mini Separator for onsite PVT analysis
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Portable low carbon footprint solution for Wet Gas deliverability and production testing

Compact solution for multiphase flow measurement on wet gas wells

Metering, Sampling and Analysis campaign supports major expansion project

Acumen metering provides potential production optimization solutions in Brunei

MPFM based portable testing improves field production allocation

Non-intrusive solution for in-line ultrasonic meter verification

Clamp-on measurement on coated and wrapped pipe surfaces

Verifying existing inline metering

ESP production well diagnosis

Optimisation of gas lift network performance

ActiveSONAR contributes to “zero flaring” gas compression

Subsea well riser monitoring for flow assurance and production surveillance

SONAR meter assures $8 million for the customer on a stabilised crude oil trunk line

Non-intrusive measurement solution prevents potential NPT

Cost effective non-intrusive solution for brownfield redevelopment

Expro assists in improving field management

Existing inline metering correction and insight into process conditions

Delivery of non-intrusive solution for ESP optimisation

Clamp-on metering improves operational efficiency

Innovative approach to well killing operations

Expro ActiveSONAR™  resolves customer metering uncertainty

Expro ActiveSONAR™ confirms success of well remediation programme

Robust non-intrusive metering provides real time volumetric flow rate on sour water disposal wells

Customer upgrades clamp-on metering

Contribution to a zero flare campaign in Nigeria

Flowline integrity and leak detection surveillance

Non-intrusive measurement of volumetric flow rate and phase fraction (CGR/WGR) in remote gas wells

Check metering improves production separator performance and throughput in Middle East project

Wellhead production surveillance on offshore gas condensate field

Increased surveillance efficiency whilst reducing slickline unit time for BHP measurement

PassiveSONAR™ enhances safety and efficiency of cavern storage operations

Unique gas void fraction measurement to improve separator performance and accuracy

Sonar surveillance successfully supports Woodside to increase production

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